Torchwood: Revival, is an upcoming series set after Miracle Day, mainly penned by hath57. Although it was originally to be a continuation of Mrkavorian's series, it will be a brand new series, with nothing to do with the original.


Ep 1- Revival- hath57
Ep 2- TBA- TBA
Ep 3- Stone- hath57
Ep 4/5- TBA- TBA
Ep 6- The Last- hath57
Ep 7- The Death Restaurant- Genoside Dalek
Ep 8/9- A Dead Man Comes Back- hath57
Ep 10- TBA- TBA
Ep 11- TBA- TBA
Ep 12- Gray Lives- hath57
Ep 13/14- TBA- TBA
Ep 15- TBA- TBA
Ep 16- TBA- foxster1307
Ep 17- TBA- TBA
Ep 18/19- The Reckoning- hath57
Ep 20- Refuge- hath57
Ep 21- TBA- TBA
Ep 22- TBA- TBA
Ep 23- TBA- TBA
Ep 24/25- Exit- hath57


Primary CastEdit

Secondary CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

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