Revival is the first episode of Torchwood: Revival. It sees the re-introduction of Martha Jones into the Torchwood series.


Rex is dead, again. But when he wakes up, Jack and Gwen realise that Rex is immortal. Now, Jack, Gwen and Rex must restart Torchwood with a new hub, and a new team member in the form of Miss Martha Jones...


To be added




Captain Jack HarknessEdit

  • Jack was involved with an alien invasion in Auschwitz, in 1943.
  • Jack is once again called "Captain Cheescake".

Rex MathesonEdit

  • Is adjusting to life as an immortal man.
  • Dies (in order) when:
  1. Shot by Charlotte Willis.
  2. Killed by a Weevil.

Martha JonesEdit

  • Is still married to Mickey Smith .
  • Rejoins Torchwood Three.


  • Can be killed by pot noodles.

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